Why Concierge Subscription?

24/7 Access

Our patients have the option to pay a monthly or yearly membership fee and receive 24/7 access to their doctor by cell phone, text, or email. It’s just one of the several great perks of Concierge Medicine.

No Wait

With your monthly subscription you will receive same day or next day appointments with your physician. This means little or no waiting. 

More Time

The LifeStyle Clinic patients get longer appointment times. No rushed 15 minutes, but plenty of time to get your questions answered—longer appointments to address all of health concerns.

Medicine Like It Used To Be

We do not accept any forms of Health Insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. This means for YOU, the patient, we can focus entirely on your healthcare instead of fighting with insurance and letting the insurance company determine your healthcare needs.

 Concierge Subscription Options

Concierge Subscription provides access to our provider via phone or email PLUS two included monthly visits per individual and up to two regular prescriptions per month per individual. Please keep in mind, initial appointments with the clinic do require a Deposit or Credit Card on file. Once you are a subscriber, you will be given a link to make appointments without any additional deposits.

Convenient Care

Direct Medical Monthly Subscription
$ 89 Monthly
  • Access to our provider via phone or email 24/7
  • Two Monthly Virtual Visits
  • Labs at OUR cost

Specialty Care

Direct Medical Monthly Subscription
$ 119 Monthly
  • Convenient Care plus Complex Medical Management
  • Suboxone Therapy, Controlled Drugs
  • Weight Loss

****Some National Pharmacies are causing more paperwork, we possibly might charge an additional $20 per month based on your Pharmacy selection, however, we will work with you with options before having to do so.****

Make an appointment today and find out how a concierge subscription can give you peace of mind!!!!
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