Let the Healing Begin

When you walk into The LifeStyle Clinic, you’ll be greeted by our warm staff, who are ready to make you feel comfortable and guide you through your addiction treatment process. Our compassionate team works to ensure you’re free from the stereotypes and stigmas of the outside world the second you walk through our doors. Our highly-qualified doctor will meet with you to assess your lifestyle, experiences with addiction and medication-assisted treatments, and expectations of our outpatient treatment program. We are a judgement-free facility, encouraging you to be as open and honest as possible on your rehabilitation progress. We offer same-day appointments because we know how important support and attentive care are in opioid addiction treatment. Let Dr. Lee and The LifeStyle Clinic help you reach the life you deserve.

What is Suboxone & how does it work?

Suboxone® is a FDA-approved medication for the treatment of opiate addiction. It’s made from buprenorphine and naloxone, which lower your desire for opiates and alleviate your withdrawal symptoms.


Suboxone® is taken through a sublingual method by placing a strip under your tongue. Its long-lasting results and simple protocol make it popular as the standard treatment for opiate addiction.


When you begin your Suboxone® treatment, you may already be experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal. Suboxone® will attach to the receptors in your brain that are responsible for your opioid cravings and repress those cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. Daily Suboxone® usage occupies your brain’s opioid receptors, reducing the brain’s desire for opiates and gradually making your withdrawal symptoms easier to manage.

Warm Environment

When you walk into The LifeStyle Clinic you will not feel like you are in a doctors office. we want to ensure you feel at home. Our open, inviting environment encourages uplifting energy so you can always leave feeling prepared for an opioid-free life.

Same Day Appointments

We know how hard asking for help is and we know your time is valuable, so we won’t make you wait to meet with Dr. Lee. We offer appointments within 24 hours of your call, guaranteeing that you get the help you need when you need it.

Committed Doctor and Staff

We have a staff of compassionate, knowledgeable physicians who are dedicated to giving you the treatment you need. Dr. Lee understands the trials of rehabilitation and works to give you all the support and resources you need to be successful on your journey to sobriety.

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