Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

Proponents of medical cannabis have used the CBD and THC from cannabis for a wide variety of illnesses throughout time. Today, at The LifeStyle Clinic, we recommend medical Cannabis as a treatment for issues such as sleeping disorders, aches, pains, and even eating conditions related to other medical treatments like Chemotherapy.

Simply put, the list of illnesses and conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana is vast and still growing.

People have been using cannabis as medicine for thousands of years. The plant has also been widely used clothing, fuel, food, fiber, and medicine.

Endocannabinoids help regulate many physiological processes such as your mood, memory, appetite, pain, immune function, metabolism, and bone growth to name a few. Consuming cannabis also modulates this endocannabinoid system in many ways. The effects can be benevolent, although sometimes problematic.

Understanding the science behind cannabis is a key factor in being able to fully enjoy its medicinal value.

Cannabis contains more than 120 different cannabinoid molecules. But, as far as we know, only one gets you high: THC. The plant itself contains a huge amount of cerebral, non-intoxicating THC cousins with emerging medicinal potential. Their abbreviated names are often: CBD, CBG, THC-V, CBC, and CBN to mention a few.

The LifeStyle Clinic believes in the power of natural remedies. While Medical Marijuana is not right for every person or every condition, it can improve the quality of life for many people currently suffering without hope of relief.

We help design your medical marijuana usage plan to help you find the perfect balance and marijuana products for your needs. Every recommendation or renewal will receive a User/Strain Guide as well as an OMMA File guide.

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