Why we don’t take Insurance

study done by Johns Hopkins Medicine found that doctors are spending as little as 12% of their time with patients. How can a provider who spends so little time with you understand your healthcare needs? Additionally, The most recent KFF Health Tracking Poll finds that at least one-fourth of insured adults reporting it is difficult to afford to pay their deductible (34 percent), the cost of health insurance each month (28 percent), or their co-pays for doctor visits and prescription drugs (24 percent). Healthcare needs are vast also varying from person to person, so navigating health needs in a land of “for profit” can be confusing. 

Some families see various doctors and have all sorts of needs and co-morbidities, others are fortunate to be extremely healthy and barely see a doctor. Furthermore, a consumer can pay for great insurance, go to see their doctor and wait in the waiting room for 45 minutes, only to visit with the doctor  for 10 minutes. The patient leaves the office and wonders, “why do I pay all this money monthly for a 10 minute visit?” Or “Oh I forgot to ask about…”

WE do medicine at the LifeStyle Clinic a NEW old-fashioned way! For a monthly fee based on age and needs we make access the HealthCare and a doctor affordable and accessible. When you join the LifeStyle Clinic with a membership, you have access to Dr. Jody 24/7. We give you a personal number to call and text to reach the doc anytime. Many labs are no additional cost, MMJ referrals (new and renewals) are included (state fee still applies)  and Appointments are anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Dr. Jody has practiced for over 20 years in settings as varied as the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, General Medical Units and Primary Care Clinics across the country. One thing he saw was how hospitals now are more concerned about “Patient Satisfaction” ratings than they are actually concerned with what benefits the patient in the long run. So we do things differently, we make medicine and healthcare comfortable, easy to access and affordable. Join us today!

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