Let’s Start a Blog!

Let’s Open a Clinic!!!!

It was August of 2019 when one day in conversation I said to Dr. Jody,  “Let’s Start a Clinic.” October 15, 2019, we opened The LifeStyle Clinic. What  a 15 month wild ride it has been. Like anyone who starts a business thinks, when I open my doors they will flock in. Well, not so much… But slowly, day by day you came! Made appointments and it started working. Like any Good Doctor knows, Word of Mouth is key! We started growing and almost 6 months to the date – COVID came.  Friday, March 13, 2020 when we left the office we had no idea what was to come. 

AS we have all lived through 2020, it was not kind to small business owners – but we prevailed. Our IV Clinic closed, our Nurse moved to Oregon but WE adapted with TeleHealth and conducting quite a bit of business via Social Media. Good Times!At the beginning of this I told Dr. Jody, I never planned or wanted to be in HealthCare or deal with Computers, well, I am doing both and enjoy all that comes my way.

For the last 15 months our Marketing Consultant kept telling us, “You Need to Blog!”  I would graciously shake my head and say OK, but knew THAT was not going to happen. Well, here we are 15 months later and I am finally listening to her – so Let’s Start a Blog!  I am setting a goal of twice a month, unless news or announcements that might effect us come up.  What would you like to read about? What questions do you have for us?  Let’s do it!

Jennifer Scott – Physician Wrangler

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